Volume 1 Number 3


Summer 2003


Maria Cecile

After generations in our family
They at last passed to my sister
Scarlet red and gleaming
Ruby studded
She wore them everywhere
And I never gave it a second thought.
After all, she was the eldest
The wisest, the most beautiful
Greenest of face, with
The sharpest nose and chin
Blackest of heart
Mother's favorite
I was content to be second
And I did my share of the work
I can say without bragging
I was best with a crystal ball
And by far the best on a broom
She was never comfortable in the air
Though she flew a lot
Wearing her beautiful gleaming shoes
With those ridiculous striped stockings
They were hers
And I never grudged it
But then some little gingham brat
Dropped a house on her
Said she was sorry
Then made off with the only heirloom
My family ever had
I made my claim, you understand
But she took them anyway
My sister's gone
I've inherited her position
Her crystal, her castle
Her flying monkeys
Her broomstick
I never asked for much
But I want those ruby slippers

Illustration by Kimberlee Rettberg