Vol. 5: Number 4 (Autumn 2007)
Final Issue: Completion of a circuit, the progress of life and the quest for meaning, the perils of the self, finding one's voice, narcissim, surrender, the flight of the mind, striving with or objectifying others, dominance and submission, leaping into the abyss. 10 works. Autumn 2007 cover by Teresa Tunaley

Vol. 5: Number 3 (Summer 2007)
Summer 1000 Issue: Relationships, erotica, and marriage, memory and the world, childhood, adulthood, and growing up, the Incarnation, enemies and heroes, integrity, the nightshift, promises, work, irreversible change. 15 works. "The Philosopher" cover by Steve Cartwright

Vol. 5: Number 2 (Spring 2007)
Commitment, Memory, Work, Delegation, Grief, Love, Pain, Prescience, Gods, Infatuation, Selkies. 15 works. Spring 2007 Cover by Teresa Tunaley

Vol. 5: Number 1 (Winter 2006)
Fourth Anniversary Winter Issue: Retro Awards: 16 pieces honored from past 4 years. 3 Staff Submissions. Mermaids, Dreaming, Winter, Werewolves. 3(16) works. Winter 2006 Cover by Teresa Tunaley

Vol. 4: Number 4 (Autumn 2006)
Culture and conflict. Intercession for the future, erasing the past. A fall and an intended fall. Magic and madness. Leaves. 15 works. Autumn 2006 Cover by Teresa Tunaley.

Vol. 4: Number 3 (Summer 2006)
First Con Review. A Door to the Imaginal Realm. An issue in two's. A blue collar riposte to the mystery at the top of the mountain. The extra-mundane of daytime soap-myth. Mercy and meetings. Cycles and secrets. Paul Campbell cover. 6 works. Summer 2006 Cover by Paul Campbell

Vol. 4: Number 2 (Spring 2006)
Places and times, ways out, ways in, and ways through. The creation of the world, and the world's end. A place to hide. A change of identity. Super heroes and secret agents. Vacations and escapes. Marbles on the floor and ninjas in the break room. 7 works. Summerspell (Spring 2006) Cover by Teresa Tunaley

Vol. 4: Number 1 (Winter 2005)
3rd Anniversary Issue: but we're serving up twofers. A duo of comic book stories, a couple of punchy reviews, a pair of heresies, a doublet of poems by the prolific Elizabeth Barrette, and a brace of other writings. First Interview (Jonathan Fesmire). Nerds, post-modernists, writers, religious renegades, suspense junkies, herbalists, fairy fanatics, UFOlogists, and mundanes - normal people. 11 works. The Islander (Winter 2005) Cover by Teresa Tunaley

Vol. 3: Number 4 (Autumn 2005)
Finishing our 3rd year - an issue in threes. First Major Layout Change. The significance of three. Myths & Magic Portals. Idols and idolatry. A garden and thorns. A Cinderella tale. A craftsman. A shave. A stratagem. An epitaph. 9 works. Flying Boy Cover by Steve Cartwright

Vol. 3: Number 3 (Summer 2005)
Time and motion. The boundary between mortals and the other worlds in a myth of gods and mermaids. Between desire and despair in a fairy tale ending. Vanity and purpose with the wandering Jew. Dreams and waking life in a dish of eggs. Freedom and fate in a room full of bishops. Hope and faith in the heroism of the small. Absurdity and art in a biological conundrum. Death and immortality with the immortal sidhe. 8 works. Wheel (Summer 2005) Cover by Teresa Tunaley

Vol. 3: Number 2 (Spring 2005)
Largest Issue (to-date) - a literature of mythic proportions. Three poems by Mary Pat Mann. Homer's Giants, a tempest, a titan and Frailty, beauty and toxins, envy and justice and revenge, graveyards and ritual killing. 13 works. Tranquil Day (Spring 2005) Cover by Teresa Tunaley

Vol. 3: Number 1 (Winter 2004)
Second Anniversary Issue: The first "Tunaley" cover. A Red retelling, a pyschedelic journey, corporate propaganda, piracy, confession, the struggle to exist, the dilemma of knowledge, and Flinching from the Reader. 8 works. Cedar (Winter 2004) Cover by Teresa Tunaley

Vol. 2: Number 4 (Autumn 2004)
Disintegration, separation, the struggle to transcend death. The conflict between the rational world and the world of experience. A parable, a fable, fairytale flash. Dreams, true names. disturbing visions. A mythic book. 11 works. Autumn 2004 Cover by Mike "Warble" Finucane. MYTHOLOG Becomes a Paying Market.

Vol. 2: Number 3 (Summer 2004)
Smallest but steam micro-issue. Passion, sex, caprice, murder, betrayal, and the dream-filled struggle of anima and animus. Two poems, one piece of flash, and two serial installments. 5 works. Black Lion Cover by Mike "Warble" Finucane

Vol. 2: Number 2 (Spring 2004)
Mosaic serial continues. A creation myth, dystopian fiction, a mediaeval-modern love story, and a Sleeping Beauty poem. Illustrations by Teresa Tunaley and Mike "Warble" Finucane. 6 works. Black Lion Cover by Mike "Warble" Finucane

Vol. 2: Number 1 (Winter 2003)
First Anniversary Issue: Mosaic Soliloquy Serial Begins. Innocence and knowledge, byzantine intrigue, macabre myth, ghosts, geese, pen and ink. Eight select stories and poems, and four pieces revisited for the Retrospective. 8 works. Dryad Anniversary Cover by Amanda Burkinshaw

Vol. 1: Number 4 (Autumn 2003)
Stories for Peace issue: Images of war and of false security. "Making peace every day like bread." Mythmaking as peacemaking. 11 works. Dryad Cover by Amanda Burkinshaw

Vol. 1: Number 3 (Summer 2003)
Another 13 stories and poems that go down the yellow brick road, through the gate, into the suburbs, under the shadow of the great mountain, stop at the supermarket for some body parts. Visiting the cave of the hermit, and inquiring at the junkyard outside of town (home of our automotive dead). The path to Hell. The beach, the castle, the attic, the "woodland wilds", and what seems like the astral plane. 13 works. Dryad Cover by Amanda Burkinshaw

Vol. 1: Number 2 (Spring 2003)
13 new stories and poems, including one entitled simply 13. Rock stars, prophets, tricksters, witches, poets, dreamers, fairies, princesses, wild women, talking animals, haunted mirrors, and the infamous Gaki. Native American themes and fairy tale patterns. Fine illustrations. 13 works. Twin Trees Cover by Kimberlee Rettberg

Vol. 1: Number 1 (Winter 2002)
Premier Issue: Stories and poems by Tim Hoke, Charles Lipsig, Jamieson Wolf, Maria Nutick, Michelle Erica Green, Kimberlee Rettberg, and Em Wycedee. Illustrations by Kimberlee Rettberg and Amanda Burkinshaw. 9 works. Twin Trees Cover by Kimberlee Rettberg

"And I seemed to understand then that I was looking into a time past and yet not so past. As if something that had occurred long ago had been written so as to be forgotten."

-- Everything's a Secret, But All is Known by Mari Miller-Lamb (Spring 2004 issue)

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