Volume 4 Number 2


Spring 2006

Spring 2006 Issue

This issue is about other places and times, ways out, ways in, and perhaps ways through. Want Ninjas? We've got Ninjas. Wanna be there at the creation of the world? Step onboard. Rather be around when the world ends? We can do that, too. Need a place to hide? Want to change your identity? Just looking to get away? Oh yes, you've come to the right place. We provide the best vacations without all the fuss. You've heard that before. Well, just let us know of any fuss, whatsoever, and it's sure to be... well, did I mention we have Ninjas?


by Bill West

The English country church with its graveyard nearby, a creaking lichgate, the drooping yews: These are familiar to all romantics. And yet, the yews are often older than the churches, older than the graves. How did that come to be? [Illustrated by Mary Pat Mann.]

Workday Adventurer

by Mark Allan Gunnells

This is a story for those of you sitting back, half-reclining, with your belly hanging out, or trapped in office cubicles and little pods, or for whom the little demands of daily life are just not exciting enough. It's a guy story, a girl story, a defiant story of freedom from 'the man'. So take your job and shove it with Gunnells' tribute to the geek, the Bond, the romantic, the hero, and the classic avoidance behaviors in all of us.

The Stone & the Elderberry

by Jasmine Johnston

Among many peoples of the world, the ancient tales were not written, but passed on through storytellers. Many of these tales are now lost to us, or remembered only as fragments, remnants of what once was whole cloth. Jasmine Johnston picks up the threads of a Tsmishian tale from the Pacific Northwest and weaves it here for us anew.

The Trade-In

by Joanne Comito

Come on you monkeys -- you wanna live forever? Well, you've come to the right place. Want to keep your loved ones, but not six feet under, in a jar on the mantle, stuffed or in a refrigerator? Step right up. Did you ever just want a normal life, except that it lasts forever? You're an excellent candidate. To agree to the terms and conditions, just click on The Trade-In above, and we'll process your request immediately.

Eddie's Room

by Mary Brunini McArdle

Feeling a little lost? Misunderstood? Think nobody cares? Looking for that Great Egress? There might be a way out. No, it's not what you think. It's not sunny Florida. It's not a ride in the long pink cadillac or the long black station wagon. It's in the palm of your hand. Or soon will be. If you're looking for a change, just click on Eddie's Room to enter. We're always looking for nice persons such as yourself.

"Any Other Name"

by Anne Stringer

Some days as we barrel down the highway of life, all we want is the exit lane. But exit lanes can take us farther off that highway than we expect . . . and then suddenly we're back on again. Or so it seems. Today is just not Betsy's day.

Interview: Joseph P. Farrell

by Asher Black

Joseph P. Farrell is a conference speaker, frequent radio talk show guest, and author of the Giza Death Star Trilogy and the Reich of the Black Sun series. We interviewed Joseph P. Farrell, because his Giza works offer creative interpretations of ancient texts of mythology, finding in them little-appreciated descriptions of ancient cultures. Likewise, his works on Nazi research offer a unique analysis of the current mythos surrounding Nazi science in the Third Reich.

Call for Submissions

We've been getting a little more tongue-in-cheek stuff in recent issues; Workday Adventurer is in this vein. The past year has generated a steady flow of more spiritually-oriented work, and excellent examples of this include Resting Place and The Stone & the Elderberry. The dystopian, the dark, and the ironic are always popular at MYTHOLOG - this issue is no exception with The Trade-In, Eddie's Room, and "Any Other Name". We've started liking interviews with the previous issue, so we've brought you another one with author Joseph P. Farrell, and cited an interview that featured MYTHOLOG. For you authors, we're also always looking for articles, essays, reviews, cross-genre, poetry, graphic illustrated shorts, and other work. Even short indie video. We're up for the unexpected. Myth is many media and many genres. We're up for everything from flash to comics, Western to Detective fic. The common element is mythic development and theme, not necessarily mythological trappings. Interested parties should see the Guidelines link below. -- Asher Black, Editor-in-Chief

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Cover by Teresa Tunaley

Summer Spell cover by Tersa Tunaley. Note: Teresa has been doing consistently lovely covers for us. You'll recognize a lot of her artwork on our home page. You can also see it in the archives under "Covers" or at her web site - artstopper.com.



"We have a mission for you."




If only Stone had borne her children first, things could have been different.




"Do Your Duty for the Continuation of the Species!"





"Eddie, sit up straight!"





On the highway of daily life, Betsy is about to take an alternate route.




Alternative history and the writing process.






Authors like Brian Ames, and J.R. Cain, as well as Terry Dartnall have included our stories in their anthologies.



Resting Place
Bill West

Workday Adventurer
Mark Allan Gunnells

The Stone & the Elderberry Bush
Jasmine Johnston

The Trade-In
Joanne Comito

Eddie's Room
Mary Brunini McArdle

"Any Other Name"
Anne Stringer

Joseph P. Farrell
Interview by Asher Black

MYTHOLOG in the Media

Call for Submissions



Mary Pat Mann
This issue is her initiation as Associate Editor. We think she's doing a superb job.


There are opportunities for a visual artist, editor, organizer, marketer, tech, and more. Working for a magazine is a great way to gain exposure, experience, and add professional credits to your portfolio.


MYTHOLOG in the Media

We'd like to congratulate Terry Dartnall for his latest publication, The Ladder at the Bottom of the World. This anthology includes a story originally appearing in MYTHOLOG, entitled The Rundle. An alternate beginning is included in the reprinted version, making this book, from Trantor Publications a recommended purchase.

MYTHOLOG was recently interviewed by John Young in Flash Fiction Flash (March 2006 Issue 52).



Why did the United States drop an untested uranium atom bomb on Hiroshima? The author opens a pandora's box of scientific and historical problems that the "Allied Legend", the official history of the a-bomb and war's end, have never fully answered.
Available at .



MYTHOLOG is listed at Ralan and Spicy Green Iguana, as well as Speculative Literature Foundation. Our fiction has been mentioned in Broad Universe Catalog and Eidolon.