Volume 2 Number 3


Summer 2004

Summer Issue

Summer is hot, and so is our brief but steamy micro-issue. Simmering in our midsummer stew are passion, caprice, murder, betrayal, and the dream-filled struggle of anima and animus.

My Lover, Boreas

Elizabeth Barrette's poem moans in an exhuberant way over a seldom regarded sex symbol that possesses an erotic force of nature.

Over a Kiss

Anthony Miller's inaugural piece of surprising flash fiction asks what a traditional fairy tale would look like if the roles of the sexes were updated.

Black Asher #2

Dreams is the 2nd installment in the Black Asher series of which we have already published the Prologue and Black Asher #1.


Julian Lamarck's dark poem is sure to make you shiver and, strangely, want more. Illustrated by Mike "Warble" Finucane, Lamarck's verse examines the connection of sexuality and self.

Mosaic Soliloquies #3

Joseph P. Farrell presentes the Third Mosaic Soliloquy, Charlemagne, on his Hatred for Pope Leo the Third, to the Monk Smaragdus. Talk about hot! This king is positively furious. If you have not yet caught the earlier installments, read #1 and #2.


Back Issues

You've accessed an older back issue of MYTHOLOG. While the text of the issue is the same, the formatting has been updated to match the current design scheme. This was done for several reasons: We wanted to standardize navigation (when you are anywhere else in the site, the navigation is at the top, so we think it should remain there, regardless of where you are). We wanted to improve readability (we learned that many of the early background colors were too dark for adequate text visibility on some systems). Frankly, too, if we'd known how to do this type of page structure back then, we probably would have. If you're nostalgic for the old original appearance, or just curious, feel free to visit the original format.