Volume 5 Number 2


Spring 2007

Even the Blind

by Elizabeth Barrette

I am the lion of the sun
And the sword-light of noon.

I am the gazelle of the plain
And tawny grass at harvest.

I am the horse of the high desert
And the scorpion of the sand.

I am the flower of a virgin's heart
And the gold of a whore's delight.

I am the falcon wings of a wizard's mind
And the smoke-supple trail of magic.

I am the serpent fang of betrayal
And the dog's tongue of loyalty.

I am the wild roan of wine
And the steady black stallion of tea.

I am the glint in a star's eye
And the tears of the mare moon.

I am the wind's whisper
And the water's laughter.

And even the blind
Can see me in these things.