Volunteers and Interns

Meaningful Work in a Dignified Environment

Working for a magazine is a great way to gain exposure, experience, and add professional credits to your portfolio. We're willing to audition you for work on a volunteer basis, or consider taking you aboard as an intern, in cooperation with your university faculty.

Announcement: April 7, 2007: MYTHOLOG has openings for three Junior Editors, an Index Editor, Continuity Editor, and Web Programmer. Duties for Junior Editors include voting on submissions and editing acceptances, occasionally working with authors; Junior Editors may become Associate Editors after working on the magazine for a time. The Index Editor must be able to FTP - basic HTML familiarity is a plus; the Index Editor is responsible for cataloging fiction, poetry, nonfiction, issues, and illustrations for each issue, including past issues. The Continuity Editor must have a keep eye for detail and must ensure continuity of author's names, titles, page titles, copyright dates, etc. throughout each issue and on the site. The Web Programmer must be conversant in PHP, MYSQL, HTML, and CSS, and be able to document his or her work on refining the magazine's extranet. Applicants should visit familiarize themselves with the magazine, then contact the Chief Editor. While MYTHOLOG pays authors on publication, staff positions are volunteer or intern positions. Literary submissions from staff are considered on the same basis as others and are not given special preference.

Associate Editors: Must have interest in editing the kinds of work we publish. Requires interview and audition, which are conducted electronically.

Proofreaders: This person proofreads portions of the magazine each issue. The work is divided up between the various proofreaders by the Senior Proofreader. Query the Chief Editor for an audition.

Illustrators: Persons interested in illustrating accepted submissions of fiction and poetry for the magazine. To audition for this piece, query our Chief Editor about auditioning. If the audition is approved, pick a story or poem from our archives that has not already been illustrated, and provide an audition illustration in the format indicated by the editor. Also, see our guidelines.

Graphics Designers: Persons skilled at designing wholly digital graphic images using graphics design software, to create bullets and other continuity pieces that give the site a distinctive, thematically consistent, and unified design. Query the Chief Editor.

Continuity Editor: This person ensures that titles and author names are consistent throughout the issues and archives, ensures the consistency of dates, credits, page headers, appearance between pages, appearance of magazine in the four most popular browsers, etc.

Index Editor: This person ensures that the archives are kept indexed with the fiction, poetry, non-fiction, visual art, etc. for each issue, and that the indices are properly organized.

Web Programmer: Specifically, we need someone with strong PHP, MYSQL to design a custom manuscript tracking, voting, & mgmt system in extranet form, and to develop a subscription-based-access-to-content system with subscription levels (free, paid) and broadcast mail capability.

Marketing Representative: This person will investigate suitable funding sources and seek out and find other sources of funding (including sponsored ads, donations, and other sponsorships and partnerships), so that operating costs are covered. Query the Chief Editor.

Publicity Representative: This person will creatively promote our magazine in positive, legal, and ethical ways, in newsgroups, discussion boards, and other forums, to help drive an interested audience of readers, writers, staff, and sponsors to interact with and participate in the magazine. Query the Chief Editor.

Attachments: For security reasons, please query in plain text e-mail, not HTML, and do not include any attachments without prior approval of the Chief Editor.

Application Information: Ultimately, persons approved for a position must provide their actual legal name and physical contact information, but may generally use any name for MYTHOLOG purposes. Contact information, other than an assigned e-mail address, is kept confidential. MYTHOLOG pays writers for their work; staff members hold volunteer positions and are paid only for any original literary work that passes the same submissions process, without prejudice as to staff membership.


"We're never going to get rich doing this. Or at least I'm not. Maybe you will. But there are easier ways to get rich. If you're not doing this because you love it, then you're crazy, and then might as well expect to get rich doing it."

-- Asher Black