Press Release

MYTHOLOG, the quarterly electronic literary journal that looks for myth in all kinds of stories, has just completed (with it's Autumn 2007 issue) it's fifth and final publication year. Having published 20 quarterly issues with some 200 stories and more than 60 covers and illustrations, Editor-in-Chief Asher Black has decided to call it quits to work on his own fiction. "We've had a fantastic run and our finale is awesome. We're not closing shop, we're just satisfied with what we've got, and aren't making more issues." Asher said. "The current and back issues of the magazine are still up for your enjoyment online, and they'll remain available indefinitely. We've achieved our mission, created a publication of note, and put out a plethora of amazing writing and artwork. It might be a cliche, but this isn't the end, it's a new beginning for our staff and, for MYTHOLOG, it's the exciting denouement." All issues of MYTHOLOG can be found, read, and enjoyed at

Feel free to examine the original guidelines, if you're reviewing terms of publication, etc.

Asher Black
asherblack (at) gmail (.com)