Layout Index

  • Coming of Age (example)

    Updated navigation combined with the new Liquid color schemes, there's a feeling of motion. Still branded with MYTHOLOG's early frosted skeletal twin tree logo, the magazine is more clearly a magazine, borrowing from a time-honored online publication layout with newsletter elements, it has a feel of professionalism. One could almost fold it. The table of contents, visual link back to the cover, and central treatment of the work, with marginal annotations, quotations, and magazine-related business, all clarify the role of the various parts. The development of linked titles and prominent bylines, showcasing of cover art, and roominess for advertising, provide a richer experience for reader, writer, and advertiser. The layout is a modification of the Skidoo fluid CSS layout by Ruthsarian ( Nobody. All CSS/HTML is released into the public domain.)

  • The Beginning (example)

    The two columns blend published pieces with their blurbs in a narrative format. Likewise, magazine business mixed with new content for a more unified and folksy presentation, bound together at the foot of a great tree. As a result, there's a journal-like quality, with elements of newspaper layout, and the feel of an old radio broadcast. Simple navigation is adequate and unobtrusive. Note: originally there was a leading opening blurb that spanned both columns, and sometimes a similar closing footer, but there were coding issues with these, so they were 'fixed' to correct the glitch. The accompanying colors were rich, with link colors blended into the background, but the effect was too dark on some systems, especially CRT monitors, on which they nonetheless gave a kind of glow in the dark feel. The two-column format was controversial, and tended away from the narrative atmosphere otherwise expressed. Ultimately, this was revisited in the newer layout, which reversed that tension somewhat.