Authors and Artists

This list is by no means complete. And it's less an index than a survey.

An Interesting Array of Talent:

Bruce Holland Rogers is an accomplished author, winner of both Nebula and Bram Stoker awards. Books include: Bedtime Stories to Darken Your Dreams, Word Work : Surviving and Thriving As a Writer, and
Flaming Arrows. A simple google search reveals some of his most obvious accomplishments.

Lisa Agnew: Her essays are published widely and her first novel is Sword: Tales from the Green Sahara. We're awaiting her new book Casual Soup.

Joseph P. Farrell: Scholar in multiple fields and languages, and author of numerous books. Frequent talk radio guest and lecturer.

Elizabeth Barrette: Managing editor of PanGaia. Author of fourteen poems and one story in MYTHOLOG. She received a 2005 Rhysling nomination. Assistant Editor of SageWoman. Her work appears in the upcoming anthology The Impossible Will Take a Little While [available also at google books]. 

Danny Adams: Reviewer and writer of fiction. Won a place in The 2006 Rhysling Anthology for "Utnapishtim on Friday After Dessert". Co-author, with Philip Jose Farmer, of the short science fiction novel The City Beyond Play, forthcoming in September 2007.

Marsheila Rockwell: nominated for the 2006 Rhysling Award from The Science Fiction Poetry Association (SFPA) for the poem "Fairy Tale Ending" (MYTHOLOG, Vol.3 No.3). Author of Legacy of Wolves, Wizards of the Coast, 2007.

Elizabeth Thomas Wenning is author of Confessions of a Mixed-up Weasel Hater.

Gerri Leen: Her work appears in anthologies like Sails & Sorcery: Nautical Tales of Fantasy and multiple editions of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

Terry Dartnall: author of several anthologies of short work, including work originally appearing in MYTHOLOG.

Brian Ames: author of several anthologies of short work, including work originally appearing in MYTHOLOG.

J.R. Cain: author of several anthologies of short work, including work originally appearing in MYTHOLOG.

Jerry J. Davis is responsible for the book Travels and has been included in the anthology Houston: We've got Bubbas!

Stewart Sternberg has work published in High Seas Cthulhu, an anthology of nautical Lovecraftian horror.

These are industrious folk:

Arwen Spicer is a Ph.D. candidate in English at the University of Oregon, specializing in literature and environment. Her dissertation is Toward Sustainable Change: The Legacy of William Morris, George Bernard Shaw, and H. G. Wells in the Ecological Discourse of Contemporary Science Fiction. Her thesis was The War of the World Views: Ecological Discourse in the Science Fiction of H. G. Wells (1895-1904). She's a contributor to Slayage: The Online International Journal of Buffy Studies and The Undying Fire: Journal of the H. G. Wells Society, the Americas. She also runs a really well-designed tutor site.

Angie Smibert quit her fairly cool job at NASA last year to pursue a life of poverty as a writer.

John Ritchie is editor of and author of an upcoming book on Rosslyn Chapel.

Phil Rockstroh has a column at The Smoking Chimp. Bill West lives in Shropshire (England) and is Group Host to the Write Words Flash Fiction Writers' Group.

Tim Hoke is managing editor of The Green Man Review, a distinction once held by our chief editor, Asher Black.

William Lengeman: Essays and reviews published widely. Has written extensively on tea and food.

Mary Pat Mann: Essays, poetry, and short fiction abound. Dr. Mann teaches and is involved in dream seminars.

John Young: writer of flash fiction and maintainer of the blog and newsletter Flash Fiction Flash

J.P. Moore talks about Useful Visions (MYTHOLOG, Vol.2 No.4) in a podcast.

Teresa Tunaley is a prolific illustrator and cover artist, and our own Graphic Design Editor. Mike 'Warble' Finucane is a pen and ink artist who won Froudian Artist of Year for 2005 (Brian Froud), produces work that has been called Art Nouveau and New Medieval. Amanda Burkinshaw's work is popular at Elfwood; Amanda, hailing from the UK, designed our well-remembered Dryad cover.

Grá Linnaea read a book a day from when he learned to read until his late twenties. M.H. Joyce has written anthologized fiction and award-winning short films for the American Film Institute.  Emily M. Z. Carlyle's fiction has appeared in Dead Men(and Women) Walking, an anthology from Bards & Sages.  Sarah Rakel Orton is a second year MFA student at the University of Utah's creative writing program. Anne Stringer is a neonatal nurse and a writer and reader for the Variant Frequencies podcast. Diana Woods works in a mental hospital in Los Angeles. Donna Quattrone is a native of Bucks County, PA - her work appears in an anthology called Indelible. Bruce Stirling is also a playwright and performance artist. Cath Smith: Scottish librarian writing in Ohio, is mad about rugby. Marie Shield has stories in the anthologies Curiouser and Curiouser 2005, Static Movement 2006, Mindprints 2007. Robert Rhodes is a criminal prosecutor and a co-author of The Sword in the Mirror: A Century of Sword & Sorcery, forthcoming in The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Contemporary Popular American Literature.  Eric Marin runs Lone Star Stories. Jacqueline West's poetry series, Cherma, will be published by the University of Wisconsin - Madison's Parallel Press Chapbook Series in 2010.

From all over the place:

Sarah Ann Watts lives in Hull, England and has written her first novel, to be serialized in Bewildering Stories Autumn 2007. Her short story, “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall,” has recently appeared in an anthology, Liquorice Ice Cream and other Just Desserts.

Liesl Jobson: South African poet and musician. Music teacher at Johannesburg's Sacred Heart College. Formerly a bassoonist in the now defunct National Orchestra. She is Poetry Editor at Mad Hatters' Review.

Jasmine Johnston lives in China; she maintains a speculative weblog that is the only site to yield both "ratus ratus" and "seed pearl" on Google. It includes phonetic transcriptions of Mandarin ("pu-toong-hwa") as well as lively anecdotes involving smog and/or wonton soup ("hoon-doon").

David Tallerman writes, podcasts, edits, and otherwise lives in York, England, working as an IT Technician.

Kurt Kirchmeier lives and writes in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Sophie Playle is a student living in the South East of England. Sarah Ann Watts lives in Hull, East Yorkshire; her work has appeared in the University of Hull's short story anthology, Liquorice Ice Cream and other Just Desserts. R.S. Pyne lives in rural West Wales. B.D. Ferguson lives in central Ontario. John D. Ritchie lives in Dubai, where he occasionally just drops off the radar. Andrew Bell lives near Sydney, Australia. Sarah Frost Mellor lives in the bucolic idyll that is the English countryside. LaShawn M. Wanak lives outside of Chicago.  Sophie Playle is a student at University of East Anglia in Norwich. Sam Morris lives in the rural wilds of Kent, England and has had work published in Tonto Short Stories Anthology. Norman A. Rubin, of Afula, Israel is a former Israel correspondent for the Continental News Service, USA. Swapna Kishore is a software consultant in Bangalore, India. Sarah Hilary lives in the Cotswolds and had a story published in the Daunt Books 2006 anthology. Kurt Kirchmeier lives in Saskatoon. Anne Marie Jackson is an American living with a Cornish fisherman  outside Falmouth harbour; she also worked in Russia and Moldova. E.A. Gundlach is a writer, cover artist, and illustrator who lives on the outskirts of El Calafate, on Lake Viedma in Patagonia, working as a shepherd for the Worldwide Textiles Producers Cooperative. Sara Genge is a foreign exchange medical student in Paris, France.