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Spring Issue

This issue, we're pleased to bring you four new stories, including a new installment in the Black Asher series, two poems, including the second installment in the Mosaic Soliloquies, and a pair of wonderful illustrations. We were excited to begin our second year with an amazing Anniversary Issue, and are grateful to our writers, readers, illustrators, and sponsors for continuing to make MYTHOLOG possible.

The Rundle

A competition has begun, and the stake is reality. So place your bets... Rundle or Schemer, the difference could mean the world. Terry Dartnall's own creation myth is illustrated by Teresa Tunaley.

Black Asher #1

This first installment in the Black Asher series, The Haunt, comes on the heels of last issue's Prologue, Gifts. "The Haunt" is a ghost story with a twist. Don't miss the author's link at the end, which extends the mythos into virtual reality.

Sleeping Beauty

You'll want to move your lips for this one. After all, it ends with a kiss. Elizabeth Barrette's beauty of a poem is illustrated by Mike "Warble" Finucane.

Mosaic Soliloquies #2

Joseph Farrell's second installment in the Mosaic Soliloquies is Theodora's response to her brother Vardas, who began the serial with last issue's soliloquy one. The Soliloquies are historical fiction in poetic form, set amid the dark treachery surrounding the Byzantine Empire.

Everything's a Secret, But All is Known

Mari Miller-Lamb's dystopian story might seem as foreign or familiar as a totalitarian state or life in contemporary corporate culture. If you like Zamyatin, Huxley, and Kafka, you'll like Lamb's piece.

Fine Print

Asher Black weaves together two different yet not-so-different times, in this mediaeval-modern lover's story.