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A colleague ran a landscaping company. Most of his customers came by word of mouth. In his fifth year, he placed an ad in his local paper for $57/month. He soon realized that if he acquired one customer from the ad, the customer was worth about $140/month to his business. In other words, a single customer paid for the ad year-round. That's when he kicked himself for not having kept an ad all along. What is one customer worth to you?

Another colleague works for a large telephone service provider. They charge $10/month for a toll free number, with no activation cost. The business rates are the same as rates for any other toll call - about 7cents/minute interstate, and 9cents in-state. Of course, if no one calls, it's just the $10. One of the things he points out is that even if his clients only gain a single customer in a year from carrying a toll-free number, that costs the client about $120 and a few cents in calls. The colleague says, "If a customer isn't worth $120 in a year's time, maybe the client is in the wrong business." Likewise, this colleague asks, "What is one customer worth to your business?"

Maximum Number of Ads: Three per quarterly issue.

Content: tasteful, legal, ethical

Graphic Format: jpg or gif (we're willing to convert from most other formats)

Functionality: linked to your site

Payment: Paypal, Credit Card or Check (through Paypal interface)

Pricing & Sizing (negotiable for special needs):

Linked Ads (prices are for one month)

  • Book Cover or CD Ad $30
  • Personal site or newsletter ad Max width 300 x Max height 100 $15
  • Band Ad w. Link to archive $30
  • Small Ad: Linked 121x90 (see below) $15
  • Smallest Ad: Linked 88x31 (see below) $10
  • Max width 300 x Max height 300 $50
  • Max width 300 x Max height 200 $30
  • Max width 300 x Max height 100 $20
  • Banner (bottom of page) 468x60 $30

Text ads (prices are for one month)

  • Text ad (we format to fit the issue) 10 lines $25
  • Text ad (we format to fit the issue) 5 lines $15
  • Discounts on "Are you from..." local and state ads.
  • Short term auction ads available, if you list on ebay or amazon.


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